Project Y

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Bangladesh right now has a large demographic dividend. If this young people are equipped with necessary skills, good health and effective choices; they present an enormous opportunity to transform the future. BRAC Leadership Academy realizes this immense opportunity and has taken the initiative to launch Project Y which focuses on youth development.

Every year almost 2.2 million young people enter the potential labor force, but unfortunately two out of five young people are not in any employment, training or education. Approximately 10 million young people are currently unemployed or underemployed and most employers believe that todays job candidates are lacking the necessary soft skills to be successful on the job.

Project Y realizes the opportunity that the demographic dividend has given to us and also identifies the gap in skills that exists right now. The prime focus of this project is on the soft skills development of the young people and that too based on the needs of different age groups. We are designing our courses keeping in mind the need to enhance the leadership skills of this young people who will lead our nation in the future, create a platform to increase employability and entrepreneurial mindset and also provide a scope for career development.

We will be launching our courses shortly till then stay with us. We intend to give you a platform to realize your true potential.